EFRO OOST 2021-2027

14 september 2023, 08.09 uur in Actueel


Research shows that approximately 8.6 million residents in the Netherlands experience noise pollution on a regular basis, some of which leads to serious health complaints.

Noesis acoustic technology enables governments and companies to measure noise more easily and cheaply. As a result, causes can be better identified and more targeted measures can be taken against noise pollution. With this, Noesis can play an important role in the prevention of health complaints.

In the project Noesis, the partners Noesis Networks B.V, , Connection Systems B.V., HHMC B.V. and Appbakkers B.V. work together. The project aims to further develop the Noesis acoustic technology as a stepping stone to market introduction.

During the project, specific acoustic applications will be tested and demonstrated under real world conditions. It concerns use cases in the field of noise (traffic noise, low-frequency noise, neighborhood noise and wind turbine noise) and use cases for impulse detection and drone detection.

For additional information about this project you may contact project manager Kees den Hollander (kdh-efro@noesis.network)

The research project called Noesis (OOST-00010) has been made possible in part by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO Oost 2021-2027).

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